Winter Pastels

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Who said pastels were only meant for spring? Year after year we incorporate the same dark pallet into our fall wardrobes. You know the routine; gray, bordeaux, black, camel and the occasional purple and navy blue. However, winter 2014 has changed our perception of what the winter color pallet should look like. The must-wear trends this season are soft pastel shades. A sea of white, ivory, pink, lavender, mint green, sea green, peach, periwinkle and lemon chiffon have taken over the New York Garment district and fashionistas are quickly flooding the NYC streets. Take a look at the trend forecasts that hit the runway during Spring Fashion Week.


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High necks blouses and turtle neck sweaters are another prominent running theme. High-waist capris and jackets combinations create a casual but classy chic trend.


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Tan, camel and bronze will never go out of style so it’s only right for these colors to stick around and make a splash this winter.

You fashionistas bold enough to try the trend? Here’s a tip sticking with the same neutral pallet from head to toe creates fashionable statement sure to turn heads on the catwalk aka the side walk.


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The periwinkle blue coat and shearling have stood out among the many of these pastels. This cool toned color is an easy accent with any ensemble and creates a nice statement layered on top of almost any color.


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Last but not least a major staple in any winter wardrobe is the coat. It’s the first thing that speaks volumes about your style and personality when you hit the pavement. Pastel coats have made a bigger impact with this trend more so than the other winter pieces like the over-sized turtle neck and cropped pant. Whether you want to stay on trend with the rest of the color pallet or just feel comfortable enough to have splashes of pastel here and there; the coat is a great place to start.

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