Layered Necklaces You Need and the Tops You’ll Love

The layered look is in! With the winter season and the coming of spring we are layering our ensembles, under garments and our looks wouldn’t be complete without a few layered accessories. Last spring fashionistas began layering small dainty necklaces to complete a simple and chic finish to their wardrobe; nowadays it’s no holds barred in the accessories game. With fashion and trends forever evolving nothing is off limits and even large, bulky necklaces are being layered to create a statement. Although layered neck pieces create the right amount of flare there are a few simple blouses that are necessary to complete the look.

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A black shirt is the perfect canvas to wear under a bold statement piece. Its simplicity doesn’t compete allows the necklace to pop. These Vince Camuto’s accessories can be found online ranging from $49.99-$150.


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Textured blouses are always a fun way to spice up the layered look. Pearl necklaces in particular look amazing against a textured blouse of any color. This Ann Taylor blouse and necklace can be found online for under $100.

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The longer the necklace the deeper the plunge. A thin dainty necklace looks best against bare skin. When attempting this trend a low cut blouse looks best matched with this accessory. This amazing necklace can be found on for just $15.99!

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A crisp button down with the right necklace can even upgrade a causal look to something more formal and worthy of a night out on the town. Get the full look at Forever 21 for under $75.

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A sheer or silky top can bring its own feminine or sexy flare but is basic enough to allow a statement necklace to steal the show.

Now it’s your turn. Find several necklaces in different lengths and see what cute creations you can come up with.

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