The REVEAL, Alexander Wang x H&M part II

Organized chaos! Those are the only words that can be used to describe the official release of the Alexander Wang x H&M collection. This collaboration rivaled that of the Isabel Marant’s H&M collection that debuted just last year. The windows of all of the H&M stores around NYC were uncovered this week to show a sneak peek of what’s to come from the collection. Subway carts and train stations also previewed images from the look book. To keep a handle on the madness, H&M stores provided fliers to clients that shopped throughout the week to help inform them of the events that were to take place today. The lines began to form around 3 a.m this morning! Shoppers, bloggers, fashionistas and photographers all waited for their chance to be one of the first buyers of the collection. Colored wrist bands were given to the first 420 people in line and they were given 15 minutes to go in, view and shop the collection. Only two pieces per style per person where allowed to be purchased at a time. After 4 hours and 40 minutes the store opened to the general public to purchase whatever scraps were left behind. Check out a few pictured I captured from the 5th Ave. Flagship store location this morning!

5th Ave. Flagship store

shoppers waiting patiently for their chance to shop the collection

The calm before the storm: An overview of the Flagship location on 5th Ave and 48th Street

3rd Ave. and Lexington H&M window display

Lines forming at 7a.m. outside the H&M 5th Ave. 51st Street location

The calm before the storm




My Goodies: Black and Gray neoprene sweat shirts, Jacquard-knit tights and sports top.
photo 2

Exclusive Alexander Wang shopping bags
photo 1


Alexander Wang x H&M pt 1

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The launch of the long awaited Alexander Wang x H&M collaboration is right around the corner. In just a few days the H&M on 34th street Harold Square and the 5th Ave. location will be bombarded with fashionistas, bloggers, photographers and fans as the collection will finally be unveiled and ready for purchase. The sporty influence Wang incorporated into this collection is enough to make anyone want to get up and get active, if for nothing else but to look fashionable. Lines for the event are estimated to begin forming around 3 a.m. the morning of November 6. If this event is going to be anything like last year’s H&M collaboration with Isabel Marant, shoppers might want to consider bringing a lawn chair and already have in mind what they plan to purchase. It’s rumored there will be a select few allowed to enter the store at a time and they will be on a 15 minute time limit. My suggestion would be to check out the look book and know what you’re going for. This will avoid you missing out on anything you may wanted to purchase and it also makes your experience all the more better when you don’t have the hassle of fighting to get through large crowds just to view the collection. Check out a few pics from the look book and a video from the fashion show below.

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Happy Halloween!!!


This year CLUELESS fashionista, Dionne Davenport aka Stacey Dash, acted as my creative muse. No one can deny the unique style and jazzy personality of this diva in the early 90’s. She was the perfect character which helped me make this ensemble fun and fabulous.

Happy Halloween love bugs!

Cashmere hat-
Black and White plaid dress- DKNY