Off Duty Models That Have Killer Street Style

The life of a super model can be very demanding. There is little room for error when the music is cued , the cameras are flashing and its time to strut your stuff. When youre a model, youre always at work; but only a select few models are able to take their fierce runway persona from the cat walk to and “own” the side walk.
Cara Delevinge
Cara Delevingne Seen Out In London

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Model of the Year 2014 Cara Delevinge’s style can be described in two words: Tomboy Chic. When this supermodel isn’t debuting her clothing line collaboration with DKNY or gracing the pages of a high fashion magazine she spends time just hanging with her friends and family. Cara is best known for her casual, loose fitting corky ensembles that definitely match her personality.
Try the look: This a great look for kicking around the city. Rock out in a cute pair of drop crotch pants, sneakers and a leather jacket to add a little flare.

Jourdan Dunn

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Miss Dunn has certainly proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with. Gracing the runways at the Victoria Secret Runway Show year after year she certainly knows how to hold her own against many of the top veterans in the industry. Style wise Jourdan can hang with the best. Whether she is olut on the town or kicking it in the city she always seems to keep her street chic flare, sporty with an urban twist!
Try the look: This is perfect for happy hour with the girls (nothing fancy). A similar look of Jourdan’s can be achieved by wearing a cute boyfriend jean, cropped top and pointed toe pump.

Adriana Lima
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Andians keeps it sexy on and off the runway and with a body like hers how could you blame her. This beautiful mother of two is known for casually wearing body conscious mini dresses and stilettoes around town. If you ever need any pointers on how to spice up your wardrobe for a cute date night Mrs. Lima has you covered.
Try the look: Your man will thank you.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner has definitely paved her own way outside of the Kardashian Empire. Gracing runways and magazines is only the tip of the iceberg for this fashionista. Kendall is known for her diverse street style flawlessly switching from hipster to chic.
Try the looks: This versatility is easy for any fashionista to accomplish. Be sure to keep a basic sleek under pinning and a nice pair of pointed toe boots or pumps.

Chanel Iman
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Chanel Iman’s fun sense of style fits her personality. Never sticking to trends Chanel always dresses how she feels. Her petite frame allows much versatility within her wardrobe and her experience as a model helps her to own the look and slay whether she is tip toeing on the runway or turning heads on the street.


Layered Necklaces You Need and the Tops You’ll Love

The layered look is in! With the winter season and the coming of spring we are layering our ensembles, under garments and our looks wouldn’t be complete without a few layered accessories. Last spring fashionistas began layering small dainty necklaces to complete a simple and chic finish to their wardrobe; nowadays it’s no holds barred in the accessories game. With fashion and trends forever evolving nothing is off limits and even large, bulky necklaces are being layered to create a statement. Although layered neck pieces create the right amount of flare there are a few simple blouses that are necessary to complete the look.

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A black shirt is the perfect canvas to wear under a bold statement piece. Its simplicity doesn’t compete allows the necklace to pop. These Vince Camuto’s accessories can be found online ranging from $49.99-$150.


(Photo credit: (Ann Taylor $59.99) Retrieved 2/5/2015)

Textured blouses are always a fun way to spice up the layered look. Pearl necklaces in particular look amazing against a textured blouse of any color. This Ann Taylor blouse and necklace can be found online for under $100.

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The longer the necklace the deeper the plunge. A thin dainty necklace looks best against bare skin. When attempting this trend a low cut blouse looks best matched with this accessory. This amazing necklace can be found on for just $15.99!

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A crisp button down with the right necklace can even upgrade a causal look to something more formal and worthy of a night out on the town. Get the full look at Forever 21 for under $75.

(Photo credit: ($250) Retrieved 2/5/2015)
A sheer or silky top can bring its own feminine or sexy flare but is basic enough to allow a statement necklace to steal the show.

Now it’s your turn. Find several necklaces in different lengths and see what cute creations you can come up with.



Sometimes slaying in the name of fashion is a family affair, more like a tag team effort with your life long BFF; your sister. These famous duos turn heads on magazine covers, television, catwalks and the sidewalk.



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Australian super models Jessica and sister Ashley Hart not only slay on runways and magazine covers, but have the sophistication and flare to grace red carpets around the world. This duo is fierce in every sense of the word in these Louis Vuitton ensembles befitting to each of their unique personalities.


(Photo credit: Retrieved 1/6/2014)

Bria and Shayne Murphy, daughters of famous comedian Eddie Murphy, stay true to their California roots. These cuties serve “Coachella Chic” on a day to day best known for their denim shorts and floppy hats. Why not flaunt it? With a mother like Nicole Murphy you’re bound to inherit a slim petite frame and these ladies don’t mind showing it off. With the Murphy sisters, skin is IN! Need style inspiration for the spring and summer? Just google these beauties and prepare to be in awe.



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The Knowles sisters are known for having a very eclectic sense of style. These ladies are certainly not afraid to set trends and risk it all in the name of fashion. These colorful rompers are easy to accessorize and are great pieces to make the easy transition from day to night.

Dare to be bold? Add a few gold bangles to either of these ensembles and a cute pair of pointed toe pumps to go from daytime chic to nighttime diva.

(Photo credit: 1/6/2014)

The Olsen twins have captures our hearts since the early 90’s when they first appeared in Full House. Since then the ladies have grown their net worth into a multimillion dollar empire. Books, TV shows, cartoons and a clothing line is only the icing on the cake for these ladies. They can easily transform from hipster to chic at the blink of an eye proving to be both versatile and trendy. It seems only befitting that they would be style icons; it just comes natural to them.

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In the words of Paris Hilton; That’s Hot! These spicy fashionistas have been draped in nothing but the best in designer name brands since birth. You name it, they own it. Red carpet and blog sites have featured these stylish sisters year after year and we never get bored.

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The Obama sisters are the definition of classy and sophisticated. Every press event and public appearance these babies slay! Always proving you can dress age appropriate and still be considered style icons alongside their fashionista mother Michelle Obama. Young girls their age can learn a thing or two. Incorporating kitten heels, flirty skirts, cardigans, sweaters and unique corky accessories are not just a staple in the Obama girls wardrobe, but should also in incorporated in the wardrobe of all young girls their age.

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Tia and Tamera Mowry have come a long way from their 90’s hit television show Sister Sister. These days the twins have ditched their matching ensembles and having embodied their own unique since of style and flare. Tia, always keeping it classy, but not forgetting to sex it up a bit on the hit TV show The Game. While Tamera opts for a more casual chic route on the hit daytime televisions show The Real.


Feathers, Fringe & Fur


Tis the season for the wardrobe turn up lol! This winter is full of new trends from winter pastels, to eye catching prints like leopard and hounds tooth. I must admit, all this winter wardrobe makes playing dress up in the morning my favorite part of the day. The new haute trend exploding on the scene is feathers, fringe and fur. I’m sure by this time we have incorporated at least one of these things, if not all of them, into our wardrobe. It’s so easy to do so! Every retail chain is following this trend. From lower price point stores like H&M and Zara to higher price points like Barney’s and Bergdorf’s everyone is making it easy to stay on trend. Check out what ensembles will be gracing the sidewalks this winter.

Feathers! NM2014-2015 Trend-Alert1 1361999652815_cached




& Fur!!!

Fall Winter 2013 2014 - Fur Trend



Winter Pastels

baby blue baby pink fall winter trend 2013 celine chloe rochas

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Who said pastels were only meant for spring? Year after year we incorporate the same dark pallet into our fall wardrobes. You know the routine; gray, bordeaux, black, camel and the occasional purple and navy blue. However, winter 2014 has changed our perception of what the winter color pallet should look like. The must-wear trends this season are soft pastel shades. A sea of white, ivory, pink, lavender, mint green, sea green, peach, periwinkle and lemon chiffon have taken over the New York Garment district and fashionistas are quickly flooding the NYC streets. Take a look at the trend forecasts that hit the runway during Spring Fashion Week.


(photo credit: Retrieved 11/29/2014)

High necks blouses and turtle neck sweaters are another prominent running theme. High-waist capris and jackets combinations create a casual but classy chic trend.


(photo credit:×440.jpg Retrieved 11/29/14)

Tan, camel and bronze will never go out of style so it’s only right for these colors to stick around and make a splash this winter.

You fashionistas bold enough to try the trend? Here’s a tip sticking with the same neutral pallet from head to toe creates fashionable statement sure to turn heads on the catwalk aka the side walk.


(photo credit×1197.jpg Retrieved 11/29/2014  )

The periwinkle blue coat and shearling have stood out among the many of these pastels. This cool toned color is an easy accent with any ensemble and creates a nice statement layered on top of almost any color.


(photo credit: Retrieved 11/29/14)

Last but not least a major staple in any winter wardrobe is the coat. It’s the first thing that speaks volumes about your style and personality when you hit the pavement. Pastel coats have made a bigger impact with this trend more so than the other winter pieces like the over-sized turtle neck and cropped pant. Whether you want to stay on trend with the rest of the color pallet or just feel comfortable enough to have splashes of pastel here and there; the coat is a great place to start.

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The REVEAL, Alexander Wang x H&M part II

Organized chaos! Those are the only words that can be used to describe the official release of the Alexander Wang x H&M collection. This collaboration rivaled that of the Isabel Marant’s H&M collection that debuted just last year. The windows of all of the H&M stores around NYC were uncovered this week to show a sneak peek of what’s to come from the collection. Subway carts and train stations also previewed images from the look book. To keep a handle on the madness, H&M stores provided fliers to clients that shopped throughout the week to help inform them of the events that were to take place today. The lines began to form around 3 a.m this morning! Shoppers, bloggers, fashionistas and photographers all waited for their chance to be one of the first buyers of the collection. Colored wrist bands were given to the first 420 people in line and they were given 15 minutes to go in, view and shop the collection. Only two pieces per style per person where allowed to be purchased at a time. After 4 hours and 40 minutes the store opened to the general public to purchase whatever scraps were left behind. Check out a few pictured I captured from the 5th Ave. Flagship store location this morning!

5th Ave. Flagship store

shoppers waiting patiently for their chance to shop the collection

The calm before the storm: An overview of the Flagship location on 5th Ave and 48th Street

3rd Ave. and Lexington H&M window display

Lines forming at 7a.m. outside the H&M 5th Ave. 51st Street location

The calm before the storm




My Goodies: Black and Gray neoprene sweat shirts, Jacquard-knit tights and sports top.
photo 2

Exclusive Alexander Wang shopping bags
photo 1


Alexander Wang x H&M pt 1

(Retrieved 10/29/2014

The launch of the long awaited Alexander Wang x H&M collaboration is right around the corner. In just a few days the H&M on 34th street Harold Square and the 5th Ave. location will be bombarded with fashionistas, bloggers, photographers and fans as the collection will finally be unveiled and ready for purchase. The sporty influence Wang incorporated into this collection is enough to make anyone want to get up and get active, if for nothing else but to look fashionable. Lines for the event are estimated to begin forming around 3 a.m. the morning of November 6. If this event is going to be anything like last year’s H&M collaboration with Isabel Marant, shoppers might want to consider bringing a lawn chair and already have in mind what they plan to purchase. It’s rumored there will be a select few allowed to enter the store at a time and they will be on a 15 minute time limit. My suggestion would be to check out the look book and know what you’re going for. This will avoid you missing out on anything you may wanted to purchase and it also makes your experience all the more better when you don’t have the hassle of fighting to get through large crowds just to view the collection. Check out a few pics from the look book and a video from the fashion show below.

(Retrieved 10/29/2014×460.jpg)

(Retrieved 10/29/14

(Retrieved 10/29/2014

(Retrieved 10/29/2014


(Retrieved 10/28/2014

(Retrieved 10/29/2014

(Retrieved 10/29/2014

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Happy Halloween!!!


This year CLUELESS fashionista, Dionne Davenport aka Stacey Dash, acted as my creative muse. No one can deny the unique style and jazzy personality of this diva in the early 90’s. She was the perfect character which helped me make this ensemble fun and fabulous.

Happy Halloween love bugs!

Cashmere hat-
Black and White plaid dress- DKNY